Assessments and Fees


As part of your initial consultation, your health will be assessed using the scientifically developed and medically approved biological age testing system.Biological age testing (BioAge) was used on the 2009 Biggest Loser contestants and is a powerful motivational tool that encourages permanent behaviour change.

BioAge offers a choice of four assessments (Standard, Clinical, Strength and Sport) that are clinically relevant, non-invasive and easy to administer. The assessment uses physical, behavioural and metabolic test data to determine your biological age and can demonstrate how specific lifestyle choices can impact the body both internally and externally. BioAge testing is available to all new and existing clients.

In addition to a BioAge test, an initial consultation will also include considerable discussion between client and trainer so that all goals, needs, motives, obstacles and expectations are clearly defined. In summary, your initial consultation will:

  • Provide both client and trainer with an indication of fitness and health levels.
  • Identify health and fitness benchmarks which assists with the development of training activities and programming.
  • Identify any injuries or relevant medical conditions.
  • Identify current lifestyle, exercise and eating habits.
  • Answer any questions and allow client and trainer to get to know each other.

Follow-up assessments are provided free of charge as part of every 10-pack of personal training sessions purchased.


At Perfect Fit Training Solutions there are no memberships, no joining fees, no pressure and no fashion shows. Personal training is by appointment at a location and time that is convenient to you. Personal training sessions are available to individuals, pairs, small groups or large teams of people. Sessions with a friend, partner or small group makes training fun and economical.

Sessions run for 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 60 minutes depending on the size of the group and levels of fitness. Fees start from around $15-$20 for group training sessions while personal training fees vary depending on the number of participants and session duration. 10-session packages attract discounts and include a free progress assessment.


Delivery of a high level of professional training services and client care is my priority at Perfect Fit Training Solutions (PFTS). By requesting and receiving services from PFTS, clients acknowledge PFTS’ 12 hour cancellation policy, being:

The full fee is due, and/or any prepaid amount(s) are forfeited, for any service booked by/for the client where any of the following occur:

  • The appointment/session is cancelled by the client within the 12 business hours leading up to the appointment time;
  • The client does not show for their scheduled appointment/session; or
  • The appointment/session cannot be fully completed, either due to medical or other reason.

Should you have any queries regarding this policy, please do not hesitate to call Perfect Fit Training Solutions to discuss, prior to your next appointment.