How to get killer pins using stairs

Got access to a set of stairs? Here’s why and how you should put them to use for a great leg and lung workout. Stairs provide resistance for your muscles: Compared to flat ground, the ascending nature of stairs means your muscles will work harder to propel your body...

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How to stay fit while pregnant

Check out these lovelies busting their … err… humps? (Inappropriate I know but so many puns popped into my head while writing this). Of course they’re not really busting their humps. They are moving about the gym, keeping their bodies strong, fit and healthy and...

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The brutal beauty of loaded carries.

High intensity training doesn’t have to mean high impact. If your body prevents you from running, jumping or skipping or the idea of bouncing around for an hour doesn’t appeal, read on. Last week I sought the great outdoors for some great whole body conditioning. But...

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Mix up your training

Variety is the spice which gives my training its long-lasting flavour. Without variety, training becomes tasteless and stale and unless underpinned by a very clear and very meaningful goal, can quickly turn unappetising. I think this is what attracted me to triathlon...

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