Perfectionism: why it may be harming your health

Psst, guess what? I quite often feel guilty or like I’m not doing something I should be doing if I am relaxed or taking time out for myself. This type of ‘stress = success’ thinking could be a result of working solo in a micro-business. Or it could be the result of...

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Exercise: a form of torture or therapy?

What’s your view of exercise? Do you think of it as therapy or is it closer to torture? Or does the line waver and blur a little between the two? At what point does exercise go from being a form of therapy to a form of torture? We’ve all heard the phrase you can’t...

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My body after birth: how it’s going one year on

One year post-baby and how’s training going? Well, 13 months actually and I’m starting to make progress. Pregnancy was easy, birth was hard and getting back to fitness has come with a great deal of patience and frustration. I’m not as strong or as fit as I was but I’m...

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Some of what I’ve learned in 10 years….

The coming weeks are pretty significant for me. Not only am I preparing for a very new and exciting role in my life, I’m also taking my first real hiatus from work and my business after nearly 10 years in the industry. So today I look back and say “Hey, I created this...

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Why we need to compliment not compare

I love this. It's a beautifully written way of saying if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. But then I got thinking on this a little bit. And sometimes I think silence isn't necessarily good enough either. Keeping your negative thoughts or...

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Why discipline trumps motivation every time

I was reading an article this week that said we need to focus on making fitness fun if we’re ever going to combat our country’s obesity epidemic (15million Australians are overweight or obese and the condition is on the rise). Focus on adventure it said, choose...

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Why I love training during pregnancy

Pregnancy and exercise. Everyone has an opinion on it. Most of those opinions are based on varying levels of experience or knowledge on the topic. My parents visited for Christmas and wouldn't let me carry their bags upstairs. Bless them. I didn't tell them what I get...

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